Last season Colin Kaepernick chose to sit and eventually take a knee during the national anthem. Many people including myself were not happy with this. I believe the anthem is bigger than our issues and I stand for it as a thank you to the men and women that founded this country and the ones that keep it great. I also get that thanks to those people Kaepernick had the right to kneel or sit. I also have new found respect for Kaepernick because he has stepped up and done things to make the world a better place. Now I am confronted with a player on my favorite team who sits for the anthem.

I as a fan am thrilled that Marshawn Lynch came out of retirement to help make the Oakland Raiders a Championship team but I had no idea he'd always sat for the Anthem. As a matter of fact I didn't know until I heard Raiders coach Jack Del Rio address it.

So as a fan what do I do? I strongly dislike what Lynch is doing but I personally haven't done a quarter of what he's done to make the world a better place. Lynch gives back to his hometown of Oakland, travels the world helping impoverished communities and that's just the stuff we hear about. Lynch never talks about his deeds, he just does them. Now I find myself seeing a player I strongly respect doing something I find disrespectful. To say I'm confused is the biggest understatement of the day.

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