It's been said that true character is defined when no one's looking.  Lucky for us, this was one powerful moment that was captured on video.  Watch as a Siena Saints men's basketball player showed his true blue patriotism when it appeared as if no one was watching.

It's one thing to fully respect and revere the National Anthem at the start of a sporting event.  It's another thing to do it hours before a game during rehearsal.  A video is circulating of a Siena Saint men's basketball player, standing still - as quiet as can be - during the anthem rehearsal hours before tip-off of their game this afternoon, while teammates and media types go about their business.

The player, according to video taken by the Times Union, is of Siena Saints forward Kevin Degnan. Degnan and his teammates were warming up before tip-off versus Holy Cross when artist Phaedra began rehearsing the anthem.  The red-shirt senior stopped what he was doing and stood motionless while the anthem was being performed.


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