Memo to NFL commisioner Goodell. Cuban dictator Fidel Castro is an old man and hopefully won't be above ground much longer. When he goes the Cubans will need a new leader. You should apply for the job. The way you run the NFL proves your a dictator waiting for a Country to rule!

Think about it Rog. Apply for citizenship now. This way when Fidel meets his maker you can "run" for office. Good luck beating Fidels brother Raul. Just get out of the NFL before  you destroy the NFL like Castro has destroyed that country.

While the fawning media, who doesn't want their access cut to the league and commish and wants to attend the glitzy gatherings won't say this but Goodell you are out of hand. This is America Goodell where people have a right to face their accuser, they have the right to a defense, they have a right to make a living, and they have a right to hear the evidence presented against them.

Goodell's penalty handed down yesterday to 4 Saints or former Saints players is a joke. According to Jonathan Vilma and the NFL Players association Goodell has shown no evidence of wrong doing by Vilma and the NFLPA has yet to recieve and documants on the Bounty investigation. This is Goodell for you. He doesn't need to prove his case. He is the dictator!

 I would love for the gutless media to confront the dictator. Exactly what is your goal here dictator? Eliminate head shots? Well eliminate football then cause as long as their is football played by humans guys will get hurt, concussions will happen and pain will be delivered. IT IS FOOTBALL!!!!!!!

This is like saying you can eliminate supposed global warming if you eliminate Cars.

Perhaps the dictator should make another new rule..Ball carriers can't juke to avoid a tackle this way the defender won't have to alter his path to tackle thus eliminate head shots. Absurd I know.

To show you how much of a joke this whole thing is go to and go purchase a video or dvd featuring the "hard hits" of the NFL..Oh sure Goodell is making money on the violence yet at the same time condemning it. What a hypocrite.

Just for clarification no not into aiming for the head and purposely trying to hurt someone. This is the usual retort and ONLY retort for the Goodell puppets.

How about this Goodell puppets- How about the dictator sending over his evidence for Jonathan Vilma, Anthony Hargrove, Will Smith and Scott Fujita to review before suspending them..Oh no he is the dictator! Dictators don't need to show the evidence. They can do as they please. Get this these 4 players can appeal the dictators ruling.. Yeah that's funny since it is the dictator they get to appeal to. Sure the dictator will change his mind even if these players make a compelling case.

Hey dictator where is your proof? My bad you are the dictator you don't need proof. You are the judge and jury just like Fidel in Cuba.

The average life span for an NFL player is 3.2 years. The dictator has just lapped off a year from Vilma. Hargrove doesn't even play for the Saints anymore so his new team the Packers have to pay the price and the Pack needs defensive lineman in the worst way. Hargrove got 8 games without a hearing and with no evidence displayed against him. Scott Fujita plays for the Browns. Hey Cleveland welcome to Roger's world. Tough luck.

This is just the latest from the dictator. From phantom fines, to suspensions with no consistency for hits or otherwise the dictator Goodell just goes around taking players money and needs no justification except he is the dictator.

Vilma has promised to appeal. He is talking about taking it to the courts. I hope he does as the dictator will get walloped in the courts. But be careful Vilma cause dictators don't like to be shown up and they think they are the only authority. If you beat the dictator in court you can expect Goodell will haunt you the rest of your career.

By the way Goodell minions when you hit me with your insane 'you don't care about the players health (yawn) or any of your other dumb takes remember this Mr caring dictator wants to add more games to the schedule. Yeah he cares about the players. The dictator cares only about 1 thing. His power and his unchallenged power. Goodell makes the owners money so they aren't going to blink while the dictator goes on his way.

I said it then and I will say it again. The players should have demanded the dictator be fired before they signed the new labor agreement. They didn't. BIG MISTAKE

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