I will be accused of lacking sympathy by some after this piece, uncaring, and whatever else. That's fine but it is time for Royce White to either beat back his demons or move onto another vocation.

In case you don't know about White he is a fine basketball player. Was the BMOC ( Big man on campus) for Iowa State last season. However White has a fear of flying. Hey that doesn't make him unique. What does is his fear of flying combined with an NBA career. However you listen to White and he is some sort of a victim of corporate greed and a plot has been hatched in his view by the NBA, David Stern, and many others of "wanting him gone" That's a quote from White's own vocal cords said on the Huffington Post Live program with Marc Lamont Hill. I am a little  familiar with Mr. Hill. Victimhood is something he specializes in. According to White he is a victim of big business. Another direct quote from White on the same program " It's about cutting overhead, and a lot of times, us as human beings doesn't meet that criteria for business people."

How absurd. I feel bad for White. Seriously! Let's see White has a salary from those "evil business people" of 1.6 million. That's some dog wages you are signed up for Mr. White. Hey if any business people want to make me this sort of "victim" please contact me  ASAP!

The very truth is because White has this disorder he isn't any use to the Rockets from a playing standpoint. That's not the Rockets fault that is HIS FAULT! Either fix your issue or move on because the truth is  you can't play in the NBA if you won't fly.

Now I don't suffer of this disorder but many do. My guess is either see a doctor and get some meds for this so you can sleep on the plane or retire and get a job that doesn't require you to fly. This isn't anything about corporate greed. Royce White makes himself sound like 1 of those Occupiers railing against corporate greed while playing with their Ipads, PC's, Ipods, and many other " corporate products" and wearing much "greedy" corporate clothing. White crying about corporate greed and a plot that he claims wants the NBA to get rid of him and are in cohoots to do just that makes him sound as if the problems are much deeper then just a fear of flying, and guess what, if that was so that isn't the Rockets, the NBA's, or some corporations fault either!

The NBA is big business. The Houston Rockets should never have drafted White in the 1st round in this past NBA draft. They should have known and I am sure they did about White's problems. But it is not the Rockets job to hand out jobs. Their task is to win games, sell tickets, and market their club. If White can't contribute to those  goals he needs to move on. I can't help the Rockets in their task should I claim I am a victim  of NBA greed as well? Of course not. I can't perform the tasks same as White and same as those reading this. This issue is on White to fix. Only Royce White can help Royce White and the reality, the sad reality is that people have reasons they can't perform needed tasks to accomplish the goals. No shame in that. Find somewhere you can. For Royce White I would hope there are other things he can do. He did go to a big time college and hopefully studied. He must have other interests, passions, and talents he can apply and make a nice living at.

No Royce you are not a victim and the Rockets have no plot to get rid of you. Simple question, why if that was their intent would they have drafted you?