The Rockets fans enjoyed their 128-115 victory over Golden State on Monday night so much that they decided to have a sleep over at the Toyota Center.

As of 6am this morning, several hundred fans were still at the Toyota Center after Houston, like a lot of areas in Texas, experienced severe rainfall and flooding.

On Tuesday morning, Houston schools and businesses were closed as around downtown had horrible flooding that was causing cars getting stuck and worse.

Luckily for the Rockets fans that stuck it out at Toyota Center, superstar Dwight Howard was also stranded and hung out with the fans.

"I can't go nowhere, so I'm with the fans," said Howard. "I live far from here so they said the highway I would take to my house is flooded. I don't want to be on the highway stuck, I would rather be here sitting on the floor, enjoying the scenery. I'm happy about that."

The Toyota Center fed Rockets fans stranded.

My sister-in-law lives in Houston and as of this morning, she had over one dozen friends who were having to seek shelter on the second floor of their house as their downstairs were flooded.

The Rockets survived elimination on Monday as the series now heads to game 5 with Golden State up on Houston, three games to one .

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