From the Times Union..

"TOKYO (AP) — "Pokemon Go" players are descending on an atomic bomb memorial park in Hiroshima, and officials of the western Japanese city are displeased.
They have asked game developer Niantic Inc. to remove the "Pokestops" and other virtual sites that show up in the park for those playing the augmented reality game. The city wants them deleted by Aug. 6, the anniversary of the 1945 bombing and the date of an annual ceremony to remember the victims.
Niantic declined to comment, saying it would not make public any discussions with a third party"

Yup bad taste at it's finest. Go to a place where 100,000 plus deaths are memorialized to find your Pokemon go. Other spots that should be avoided….

Arlington National cemetery
Any funeral home
my house
AA meetings
Any bathroom
Septic tanks
Mental hospitals
middle of bridges
my pants
victoria's secret
under a bridge downtown Albany