Next week is the quitest week on the sports calander. We have the All Star game Tuesday night and then Baseball takes off until Friday. The All Star break is now extended 1 more day.

if you are a Home Run derby fan Monday should be fun. I must admit this is not an event I have to watch. In fact I probably won't watch it. Mostly because I can't stomach Chris Berman yelling back back back back 300x in 1 night. Also his nicknames which used to be fun are now old and tiring much like most of his act in my opinion.

However the sides have been drawn for Monday's HR contest in Kansas City. For the AL  it is HR champ Jose Bautista, Prince Fielder, Mark Trumbo and Yankee and defending champ of the HR contest Robinson Cano. For the NL it is Carlos Beltran, Carlos Gonzalez, Giancarlo Stanton and ?

As of now the captain of the team Matt Kemp is dangling his name. Now if you are a Dodgers fan how do you feel about that. Kemp has played only 36 of the 83 games so far, missing 47 games due to hamstring problems yet he is selfish enough to want to play in a meaningless HR hitting contest.

If I were the Dodgers no chance he partakes. NO CHANCE! I can't even believe he would be self centered enough to think about taking part. His club has struggled without him and Andre Ethier yet hold a half game lead in the NL West.

Bottom line  needs to be asked of Kemp. What is more important-hitting off a 75 year old throwing mush or getting healthy for the 2nd half? Really that's what this comes down to. If kemp participates in the derby you really have to wonder what his priorities are.