I mean - there are no words. Who could do this?

Two dogs living in deplorable conditions in Upstate NY - unable to eat and drink on their own - were rescued recently and thankfully, New York State Police arrested a couple over the weekend after they found these poor animals starving and covered in horribly painful porcupine quills.

Photo: Oswego County SPCA-OCAWL Facebook
Ripley had a slew of porcupine quills stuck in his face when he was rescued in Upstate NY last week

According to reports, police say that troopers arrested Christina M. LaValley, 41, and John Paul D. Barton, 42, after dogs were found on their Parish, NY property with inexplicably, a slew of porcupine quills in the face, nose, neck, and body.

According to reports, Barton told police that he planned on shooting the dogs because he couldn't afford veterinary care.

The animals were taken to The Oswego County SPCA - OCAWL where they've been treating the two dogs, named Ripley and Riley, as well as a mommy cat and kittens from this location.

Last week, staffers at the animal rescue facility set up a Go Fund Me to cover the unexpected costs of their medical care, and as of last week, they had raised over $2600.

See before and after photos of Ripley, one of the dogs recently rescued north of Syracuse in Parish, NY living in deplorable conditions.

"We are pleased to report the owners of the labs from the other night have been arrested. This is the first step in justice for these dogs.
We would like to thank the Veterinary Medical Center on Bridge Street who saw these dogs despite being at capacity. " - Oswegocountyspca Facebook 


Photo: Oswego County SPCA-OCAWL Facebook
This is what Ripley looked like when he was brought into the SPCA last week with the quills in his face. On the right, you can see how the good boy is recovering nicely

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