The Boston Red Sox are 2018 World Series Champions. It is not easy for New York Yankee fans to hear that. How have Yankee fans responded via social media to this past weekend's championship season for their rival.

Find out in this week's edition of Socially Awkward Media. The weekly segment spotlights the best and worst social media posts from the past week on our show.Some of the posts want answers to burning sports topics, while others, well... don't. Check back below after 4pm to see if your tweet/facebook post/email made this week's Top 10 list.

William-who will have more wins by the end of the season, The Giants, Jets ,Bills combined or the Knicks?

Josh-Hope he's good at picking these horses (triple crying emoji face)

Tommy-Considering Lualetta got arrested today I'm going to say probably not.

Electric Rob-For the love of god not peterman!

New York Sports report-who won the deadline? Probably anyone that didn’t get moved to the Bills. But hey, at least Peterman gets another shot.

George and Anton Yup, and really how can you compare anything from 1927 vs 2018? Who knows ,we didn't see the 27 Yankees

Jon-I want to say typical but I guess it’s a thing in Boston where they throw up beers and the players drink them

Kory-Hey Gozzy you need to barrow my Cow costume or Squirrel costume today? Lol

Brady-the New Zealand national team doing the HAKA is terrifying and intimidating!

Bryce- Philly started a trend.. $38 dollars eating poop!

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