The Philadelphia Phillies have been anything but shy about the fact that they plan to be big players this MLB offseason. The franchise is full of talented and young, therefore affordable, players so the Phillies figure to be in the middle of most big ticket negotiations. That includes the Yankees' reported top targets: Manny Machado and Patrick Corbin.

The Phillies have already hosted Corbin for a visit and he'll be the most desired free agent pitcher this winter with the likes of Dallas Keuchel perhaps waiting to see where Corbin lands first. Machado and Bryce Harper are the coveted position players, almost assuredly to sign the biggest deals in MLB history, but it may be Machado who tops the Phillies' shopping list. The same could be said for the Yankees who could use him at either shortstop or third base next season.

Matt Gelb covers the Phillies for The Athletic and he joined Big Board Sports to break down Philadelphia's spending priorities and how that might affect the Yankees' plans:

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