We now know that the Cleveland Cavaliers will take on the Golden State Warriors for the second straight season in the NBA Finals. Last year, the Warriors dethroned the "King" and won in six games.

It seems only fitting that the two sides meet again. It sets up the perfect narrative for the league:

1. The Warriors, the team with the most wins in NBA regular season history, had to finally overcome obstacles just to get to the championship series. They showed the resolved of a championship in doing so.

2. The Cavs, in order to finally win a title for Cleveland, have to overcome the very team that stopped them last year.

3. LeBron, the old face of the NBA, has to vanquish Steph Curry, the new face.

What have we seen from the Cavs to this point? How has the "Big 3" gelled together so well?

We spoke to Alex Hooper in Cleveland.