"Mom, dad, here is a list of things I want to do in Albany!"

I'm not a parent, but one thing I learned growing up was that when I was a happy kid, my folks were happy too. I've compiled a list of activities to do with your kids while we wait for the weather to warm up. Parents, don't worry, I kept you in mind when deciding some fun activities you can do with your kids.

1.) Kidabaloo - Cool name, cooler event. Kidabaloo is a whole family affair filled with fun activities such as: games, balloon artists, face painters and, need I say more, bounce houses! Its a four-hour event on Sunday, April 17 so treat your kids to this fun (and cheap) event and no one will be disappointed! More info on Kidabaloo can be found here.


2.) The Kidz Expo - This one has it all. I worked this event last year and remember the bottom floor having a bunch of bounce houses. Every kid loves being able to jump around on an inflatable castle, and this is the place to do it. Oh, did I mention it is free? This is the perfect event to bring your kids to let them tire out on the bouncy bounces. Yes, there are other activities there, including stuff for parents such as local business giving away freebies, but if your kids are like me, they will make a B-line right to the bouncy bounce and be content there all day. You can find more info on the Kidz Expo here.

3.) Dave & Busters - See parents, I told you I'd keep you in mind. Dave & Busters is a great place for people of all ages. Parents, you can get your kids a power card and watch them go nuts on a wide selection of games while you hang out at the bar. We didn't have a D&B's when I was growing up, but if we did, I know it would have been a frequent family stop on weekends. Don't forget, D&B's has half off games every Wednesday all day!

4.) Chuck E. Cheese - "Where a kid can be a kid." Kids love everything about Chuck E. Cheese, from the games, to the pizza, to Chuck himself. Just about all of my friends held a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese in Latham at some point in my adolescent life and they were all amazing. I credit Chuck E. Cheese for my killer skee-ball skills and is a place I am excited to share with my future kid, whenever that day comes... if it ever comes...

5.) Bowling - What kid doesn't like bowling? Parents, this one is fool proof. Even if your child doesn't have an athletic bone in his/her body they can still be good at bowling. Whether they have to roll it between their legs, or put all their force behind the ball just to launch it down the lane, pay for a game with bumpers and your child can literally never throw a gutter ball.

There ya go folks. I just gave you gold and five ways to pry your kids away from their video games, even if for only a few hours. When all else fails, you can compromise and take them to a movie. This way, they get to stay in front of a screen while you catch a flick!

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