It's the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and people are already starting to get hungry. I know I am.

Every family, or friend group, has their own unique Turkey Day tradition. Some people will travel to see others on Thursday, while others will stay at their house, or apartment, and cook dinner themselves.

While some people are able to whip-up a Thanksgiving spread off the top of their head, that doesn't apply to most of us novice chefs. For the rest of us, we head to Google, and local area chefs have been searching for a few Thanksgiving recipes more than others.

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We were curious to learn more about the preferences of hungry Capital Region residents on Thanksgiving, so we went to Google, and began to examine Google search trend data to try to find some answers of our own.

By using the search term "Thanksgiving", and changing the geographical location to the Albany-Schenectady-Troy metropolitan area, we were able to compile data on the most popular Turkey Day dishes, according to Google.

We've included that information in a list below.

Naturally, "turkey meat" was by-far the most-searched term on Google in the Capital Region when it came to Thanksgiving recipes. Though some families will add other meats to the equation (ham comes to mind), it is very rare not to see a turkey somewhere on the table during this holiday.

It was the other food items though, the side dishes if you will, that caught our attention in this search. Scroll below to see the ten most-searched Thanksgiving Day recipes in the Capital Region, based on information from Google.

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