A TikTok user posted a video showing...something...in the distance on a lake in Upstate New York.

Naturally, viewers of the video began to passionately debate what they had just witnessed.

Here is the video, posted by user thedashmann on April 29th:

@da.shman15 in my 7 years of living on this lake, I've never seen anything like this #nature #lake #mystery ♬ original sound - thedashmann

Twitter user Myra Moore shared the video on her profile, and offered a few suggestions of her own. She listed a fog bubble as a possible option, and also said that a cloaked (invisible) UFO was another option.

Needless to say, she covered both ends of the belief spectrum.

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TikTok users shared their own thoughts in the comments of thedashmann's video. Here were a few of our favorites:

"spring fed lake? Looks like an air temperature difference causing the condensation fog dome there. Warm air, cool water, high humidity? just a guess." -exious

"Congrats you’re about to be in the opening scene of a sci-fi movie." -Bobby Ford

"that's a cloaked spaceship my dude. awesome!" -Hector Cobos271

"Not understanding ≠ supernatural and/or alien." -Pale and Gangly

"👀 well that's a comforting sight huh 👀" -Samantha

Of course, the reasonable person in me knows that this is a video of fog, and said fog is probably being manipulated by temperature and atmospheric pressure, among other environmental factors.

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That said, where's the fun in that? What if it IS a cloaked UFO, or, what if it's the ghost of a lake monster hanging out above the surface of the water?

We may never know the true answer, and that's the most fun part about it.

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