I get amused reading  the various "list of the year" commentaries. Amused from a standpoint how folks construct those lists. Things like game of the year, story of the year, team of the year etc etc.  Sure there are memorable moments, many of those, but how can I choose with so many choices. Some things are slam dunk easy to pick. Story of the year is Penn State. Anyone disagree? But like game of the year. When I saw the Michigan-Notre Dame that was it. No wait Baylor vs TCU. On the other hand game 6 of the World Series. A myriad of basketball games college and pro. Too many great hockey games to choose. A ton of tremendous NFL games. Dozens of exciting College games. You get my point. So many choices and for so many reasons. I can't pick which 1 I loved more cause I loved em all.

Coach of the year. Players of the year. Moment of the year. best play by play call of the year. Worst moment. Most tragic moment. Clutch moment. Biggest upset. Choke team. Quote of the year. Most embarrassing moment. Yeah  sure. We are a nation of lists.

The really great thing is we have so many moments, highlights, lowlights, snapshots, pictures,images and mostly memories. That's what I love the most the memories. Things just kind of move so quickly and never stop that after you see 1 act of greatness you then see another. 1 moment of heroism in any sense then the next . Seems every time I say that's the greatest fill in the blank within hours I see something else. It's too big for me to compartmentalize and choose the best-the worst etc. I am just thrilled I get to live in a place where so many memorable things happen.

Happy and healthy New Year to one and all. May 2012 bring with it health, happiness and prosperity

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