As another year draws to a close we all begin to reflect on what happened in 2011 and with that we were inspired to see what the biggest stories on were - and by biggest we mean the most read. Out of the hundreds of stories we published it seems that although you love your sports news you also really, really love videos of people doing insane things at sporting events. Check out the top ten stories from after the jump.


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This is the first of several themes in our countdown of the most read stories of 2011 on -- those themes being 1) falling down 2) brawls / fighting
A great tribute to Jay Cutler and you agreed - it's our ninth most read article of the year on
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Anytime players are suspended it brings in a lot of readers but in this case there were 10 players involved and many were suspended.
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You'll see several falling down videos in our countdown - but add a hot cheerleader and we have comedy gold, according to you. This 'fall down go boom' courtesy of a Michigan State cheerleader.
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One of the three 'top ten' lists to make our countdown of the most read articles - and this one a count of sports movies that made us cry. Er uh - tear jerkers. Yeah. That's it.
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The University of Maryland football uniforms became a big story this year and we wanted to shed some light on it. Who knew you sports fans were so interested in uniforms!
There are many television shows based on sports and we counted down what we thought were the top ten. You loved this list - actually you love nearly any list but especially this one.
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Fall down go boom. That seems to be a magic formula for a great video - a viral one really. You love people falling down, specifically Ryan Braun from the MIlwaukee Brewers'
We love a good brawl - and so do you apparently, especially when it's the good old red, white, and blue verses the red communists.
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Bruce thought "what if" about Brett Favre as a Chicago Bear and sure struck a chord with you - this was our most read article of the year.

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