The first Times Union article from todays paper:

The State Police annual "Buckle Up New York" Campaign begins Monday.
Troopers will join forces with local and county law enforcement officers to ensure drivers begin the summer travel season buckled up.
The two-week high-visibility enforcement period continues through Sunday, June 5, focusing on unrestrained drivers and passengers.

Let me start by saying I support DWI check points. Your drunk driving you can kill me or somebody I love. As for the seat belt law, you most likely will only kill yourself if you decide to drive without a seat belt. For the record, I always buckle up- but I have gotten tickets before for not being strapped in. It's purely a money grab by the troopers. It's a big revenue stream and nothing more.

If I forget to put my seatbelt on, the only person I'm really hurting is myself. You pull me over and want to remind me to put it on, fine- but don't add this to the travesty that are traffic fines. First there is the fine, then the state throws in a "fee", and before you know it you owe over $100. Bullshit… bullshit… bullshit.

If I want to drive without a seatbelt and be a fool, it should be my right, not the states' to make money off of me for not protecting myself. I do agree that it should be mandatory for kids to be buckled in. We need to take care of them until they can take care of themselves. I don't need a mother anymore. Your thoughts?