Well now that all charges have been dropped against Bernie Fine I am wondering if he has hired lawyers to go after the people that tried to destroy his life. That being ESPN, Syracuse University, and the newspaper in Syracuse that has been looking to lynch what appears to be an innocent man.

A quick recap: after not getting the scoop on the Jerry Sandusky molestation charges it is my conjecture that ESPN was mad thinking every sports story was theirs and nobody else's. When it wasn't they that broke the Sandusky scandal I think they got mad and went after another "scoop," a scoop that was sitting on their shelves for years, that of allegations made against then Syracuse basketball assistant Bernie Fine.

ESPN sent Mark Schwartz on the goose hunt. A few days later Fine was fired by Syracuse even though nothing was proven and previous investigations came up empty. Nonetheless ESPN helped destroy a man's career, if not his life, thanks to what appears to be a habitual liar in former ball boy Bobby Davis and his lying brother in law Michael Lang.

The latest: federal prosecutors dropped their year long investigation into the matter, the second time authorities determined not enough evidence was at hand to bring charges against Fine. Now I don't watch ESPN every minute of the day but it appears ESPN did not send Schwartz back to Syracuse or anyplace else to zealously report this.

ESPN and other "journalists" also used two other liars, both in jail, to try and make their case against Fine. Zach Tomaselli who claimed he was abused by Fine then changed his story, then changed it again, and again, and again, is in the klink himself for sexually abusing boys.

Another dirt bag liar that these "journalists" used was some lifetime criminal named Floyd Van Hooser, who claimed he was molested by Fine, except he later admitted he made the charges up because he was mad at Fine for not helping him hire a lawyer in a criminal case the dirt bag Van Hooser was involved in.

Scoreboard now says ESPN and others used four liars. All have been refuted. Davis says he was abused in a hotel room in Pittsburgh but he wasn't in Pittsburgh on the day he claimed he was. Lang at first wanted no part of the case but his brother in law convinced him to get in the game.

It is my opinion this was nothing more then a shakedown for cash. Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim said as much and then the stuff hit the fan as these special interest groups accused him of being mean, uncaring, and others things. They demanded his firing. Syracuse slapped Boehiem but didn't fire him. He did later apologize for not being "sensitive" enough for their tastes.

My question now that charges have been dropped is when does ESPN and other outlets who smeared this guy apologize to him? Better when does Bernie Fine file a lawsuit against ESPN and other outlets for smearing his name?

I hope it is soon. At some point someone needs to push back against these liars who hide under the cloak and bogus title of "journalist."They destroy people's lives then happily move onto the next person they can destroy. I am thinking it is a pipe dream, but I hope Bernie Fine stops this garbage and sues ESPN for BIIIIIIIIIG money and gets what appears to be coming to him: justice!