The New York Yankees are still under .500 and struggling to keep pace in the tough AL East. The team has a number of expiring contracts and players who just don't fit their roster and aren't helping the team win.

With the trade deadline getting closer, and the Yankees slowly falling out of the playoff chase in the AL, we break down the key roster moves and if the Yankees should kick some players to the curb or keep them and hope for the best.

Carlos Beltran: Kick 'em

Beltran is having his best season yet in pinstripes, why not get value for him. His contract expires at the end of this season and he will likely continue to play. Teams that are close to making the playoffs will look for a big bat to get them over the top. Teams to keep an eye on include the Texas Rangers, Pittsburgh Pirates, Washington Nationals, and L.A. Angels.

Alex Rodriguez: Keep 'em

As much as Alex Rodriguez seems a liability to the Yankees at this point in his career, there is no way getting rid of him would make any sense. If any player makes as much money as he does, unless they strike out every at-bat (which it almost seems like he does). The Yankees don't want to end up paying him to play for another team. Plus, after his contract is up, the Yankees situation will be turning around anyway. Lets see what else Rodriguez has in him and how he may be able to help out some of the younger hitters along the way. It's essentially like having another hitting coach in the dugout.

Mark Teixeira: Keep 'em

Mark Teixeira is an interesting situation to say the least. We all know he can produce in the batters box and plays above average defense at first base, but with the emergence of Greg Bird last season, it was believed that Teixeira would be the bridge to Bird. With his contract up at the end of the year as well, and his struggles continuing, the value Teixeira would likely bring on the trade market isn't what it would've been before the start of the season. With Teixeira wanting to play another few years, and in New York, perhaps his struggles this season could be a good thing. If you look at the future Yankees teams down the line, signing Teixeira to a one or two year deal (for little-to-nothing at all) in the off-season, actually makes sense. A back-up to Bird and possibly a platoon DH with Rodriguez on the roster, keeping Teixeira could actually be a good thing. Should his struggles get considerably worse, the Yankees may not even try to bring him back at all, but there is close to no trade value for Teixeira at this time. Expect him to stay.

Andrew Miller: Kick 'em

Keeping Andrew Miller on this roster makes no sense at all. His value is the highest its ever been right now and with the value put upon relievers, more specifically closer's, Miller will likely bring back a good prospect or two in return. The ideal situation would be to trade Miller to a contender with a good farm system. The L.A. Dodgers, San Francisco Giants, Texas Rangers, and Chicago Cubs are all likely fits for Miller and all have great prospects the Yankees could get in return (Joey Gallo from TEX possibly?). Expect Miller to be dealt as he is the most likely Yankee player to be traded.

Aroldis Chapman: Keep 'em

Chapman was a nice addition to the Yankees bullpen in the off-season. Since joining the big league roster after his suspension, the Yankees seemed to have turned the corner a bit. The team had a 12-5 record with Chapman at one point that allowed them to get back in the midst of the AL East race for a bit. Chapman combined with Dellin Betances could be the bullpen duo of the future for the Yankees; who also have Jacob Lindgren in the minor leagues working on his stuff.

Brett Gardner: Push

Gardner is one of the players on the fence for the Yankees. Like Teixeira and Rodriguez, he is owed quite a bit of money while his production and play have dipped. If Gardner is traded, he wouldn't bring back the top-end prospect a guy like Andrew Miller would. Keeping Gardner may be the right thing to do. Let him play and see how things pan out. He may be more of a trade-able piece in the off-season than right now.

What do you think the Yankees should do before the July 31st trade deadline?