Fear not Heat fans. Cackles about my predictions are vastly over rated. In fact I have been pretty flawless in the NBA playoffs. I had the Heat taking out the Spurs in 7 from the start of the playoffs. I will stick with that pick.

I am enjoying the chatter today about the mega game 7 for the NBA title. Course some of it is laughable. For example the over analysis of the Spurs mental state is amusing.

The Spurs are a great and mostly veteran team. They feature 2 if not 3 hall of famers. The chances of an el-foldo are like none. The Spurs will be fine mentally. Sure losing that game 6 heart breaker has to have them thinking is any lead safe? The answer is obviously no. However the Spurs don't have Lebron James. Miami does and Miami wins.

Had to laugh at the callers yesterday still blabbering about how James is over rated. Yeah sure he is.. 4x MVP. World champ. Perhaps 2 straight after tonight. Almost led a 1 man team, the Cavaliers to a title. Scored 32 points in game 6, 18 opf them coming in the 4th quarter and over time. Had a triple double. but his biggest stat was the 1 block he put up, stopping Tim Duncan and a sure fire dunk in  HUGE defensive play that swung momentum in game 6.

If a play needs to be made, not just a basket, but a play, Lebron is the guy to make that play. From his passing, to his rebounding, to his defense, Lebron is easily the best player in the game. EASILY.

The Heat are playing with a wounded Dwayne Wade. A beaten up Mike Miller. An inconsistent Chris Bosh. Some role players like  Ray Allen. No big man. Bit pieces like a Mario Chalmers and yet despite that and the scrutiny, James has his team on the verge of a 2nd straight title, this after winning 66 games in the regular season including 27 straight, 2nd longest streak in NBA history. Yeah Lebron haters he is no Michael. Nobody is so every other player but Michael is mediocre I guess. NOT!

I will take the Lebron-sters in a close, hopefully last shot game. James and the Heat repeat as world champs.

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