Quite frankly, I don't care about the Barry Bonds perjury trial!

Does anyone anymore?

I'm over it. Bonds is retired. I've moved on. I have my views on Bonds and steroids - I know he did it. I don't need the government spending millions to prove that to me.

I think the problem with this Bonds perjury trial is that it's totally desensitized us to the real issue - lying to the Grand Jury.  But I'm so sick of hearing about this case that I want it to go away already.

He might have lied to a grand jury. Okay - it's now a perjury trial. But remember this, one of the reasons about lying under oath is to bust people for lying about felonies they've actually committed.  It's not a bad idea to try people for perjury - when it's a murder trial, when it comes to someone embezzling from a company or when we're talking about someone being a non-violent offender.  Taking steroids isn't a felony - selling them is.

Plus, do we even have actual proof that Bonds did steroids?  How good is the case? It's been going on for 10 years. Half of the charges were dropped because the "case" isn't that strong. Why does the government care so much about steroids in baseball?

They've been investigating Bonds longer than they've investigated Bernie Madoff. People were tipping off the SEC about Madoff back in 1999 but they didn't bust him until 2008. WTF? This Bonds thing has been going on for years.

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