If you think your favorite NFL team's head coach is getting fired soon, odds are, you may be correct.

That is, of course, if you believe ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

Schefter made an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show on Monday, and as part of his chat with Pat, had this to say about potential firings being made across the National Football League:

Seven to TEN possible firings?! That could mean that over 25% of the league's head coaches this year will be unemployed following the final whistle of the 2023 NFL season.

With this report in-mind, we examined the current state of affairs for each New York team's head coach, all in an effort to see if any of those coaches could be part of Schefter's list.

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Jets' Coach Robert Saleh Seems to Be Safe

Though he may not be overly deserving of another chance next season, it seems as though he's about to get one. Reports have claimed that Aaron Rodgers likes both Saleh and GM Joe Douglas, and as such, owner Woody Johnson would be hard-pressed to make a move at either position.

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Saleh has orchestrated some wildly mediocre football in his tenure with the Jets. That said, he is a defensive-minded coach, and his defenses have been stellar over the last two seasons, so maybe, it's not his fault.

Give Robert Saleh a real quarterback and...who knows!

Giants' Coach Brian Daboll is Less Safe Than He Should Be

Coming into Year No. 2 of Brian Daboll's tenure with the Giants, fans of Big Blue were on Cloud Nine. Daboll won Coach of the Year in his first year at the helm after leading the Giants' to the playoffs and winning a game against Minnesota.

He built up a great deal of credit for his performance in year one, and unfortunately, has used up almost all of it in year two.

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His team has come into games looking very unprepared. His manner on the sidelines has shifted from motivational to, at times, unhinged. Rumors are even swirling about the relationship between he and his coaches, as well as the coaching staff and veteran players on the roster.

He probably won't get fired, but the fact that we're even having this conversation is a massive concern for Giants' fans.

Bills' Sean McDermott Needs to Provide Answers, and Fast

I think it's foolish to believe that Sean McDermott's job is completely safe. The Bills are less than two weeks removed from firing their offensive coordinator, Ken Dorsey, and through two games without him, Buffalo's offense has looked stellar.

Yet, they continue to lose high-scoring, hard-fought, mistake-riddled games. All of those superlatives can be traced back to the head coach and acting defensive coordinator, and that's McDermott.

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Getty Images

Two things can be true in this instance. Sean McDermott is a good football coach, and proved that time and again from 2018 through 2021, when the Bills rose to prominence.

The other side of that, however, is that sometimes, a team can only go so far with one head coach.

It's painful, but not uncommon, to see a new coach reap the benefits (aka win a championship) from the labor of the since-fired coach before them. If the Bills don't make the playoffs at season's end in 2023, it may be time to make that change.

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