Yes, Saratoga is where the potato chip was invented. I only know that because I lived next to the now pizza place where it was invented. The Springs were used to heal wounds suffered in the French and Indian War.

The Springs were almost depleted prior to 1909 due to high demand for its healing waters. The state had to step in to regulate it.

I lived there for two years in the early 2000's- the city has totally transformed since then. I remember being able to walk to the racetrack for a couple of races, had many meals at a great little restaurant across from the track- I think it was called Bruno's. I miss that place.

Also, the main drag was nothing like it is now. It had a Borders which I loved. It also had no homeless people. Today it's a major problem, but you can't blame them for going where the money is. I still love going up to walk the strip. Best people watching anywhere!