The New York Mets seem to be a rudderless ship and the Yankees seem to need the one asset they have. So why not get together and help each other? Buster Olney has been saying for weeks that the Yankees need a Jacob deGrom type and the Mets need a young controllable haul in return. Which is something the Yankees could provide. So will the deal get done and if not who would other teams want more than deGrom?

As far as Buster is concerned...NO, there will be no deal between the two New York teams. Now the other question, is there anyone that could command a higher price than deGrom at the MLB trade dealine? Buster says there's only one pitcher teams would want more and that's the San Francisco Giants' Madison Bumgarner. That's pretty high praise. Only one pitcher could command a higher price? It would seem a mistake for the Mets to not make a trade and stockpile young talent.

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