Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck is supposed to be an NFL stud.  Would it be wrong for teams to "Suck for Luck"?

It's an interesting theory that has been tossed around by many NFL fans.  The thought of being, possibly by design, the worst team in the NFL to be in position to draft Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck with the #1 overall pick.  This begs the question; would it be wrong to intentionally "Suck for Luck"?

It wouldn't be the most honorable thing in the history of the NFL for a team to intentionally put themselves in position to draft Luck.  However, we're talking about a potential franchise quarterback who could put his team in Super Bowl contention for the next decade.

Teams look out for their best interest by resting players before the playoffs begin.  This isn't completely different.  It's looking at the big picture.  I'm in favor of the "Suck for Luck" mindset.  If it means making a few shaky calls down the stretch this season to possibly put my franchise in a position to draft a player who could lead me to double-digit wins every season, sign me up.