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Tiger Vs Phil 2 Could Have Guest Stars
Last year two of the biggest names in golf faced off in a high stakes golf match. Tiger Woods Vs Phil Mickleson 2 could be in the works and in this sports starved environment it could be bigger than ever. Oh and by the way reports are that Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are being recruited to join Tig…
2017 ESPY Award Nominees
Tonight is the 2017 ESPY Awards on ABC at 8pm. Below is the list of this year's nominees. Who do you believe should win this year's awards? Let us know below.
Kris Bryant, MLB
Sidney Crosby, Stanley Cup Finals
Michael Phelps, Swimming
Russell Westbrook, NBA
Simone Bil…
Peyton And Eli Manning In A New Direct TV Commercial [VIDEO]
I'm not sure just how many more years Giants QB Eli Manning will be in the NFL but I hope when he's done he and his brother Peyton do a reality show. These two have a funny relationship or at least pretend they do. This latest Direct TV commercial pulls back the curtain of life after footb…
Jeter, Eli Star in Peyton Manning Commercial
It will be weird won't it? Watching football in 2016 with no Peyton Manning.
The all-time great quarterback announced his retirement shortly after his Denver Broncos helped him win his second Super Bowl this season. Denver defeated the Carolina Panthers in San Francisco...
Getting the Story (AUDIO)
The Peyton Manning story was supposed to be the perfect one.
He was supposed to win the Super Bowl and then ride off into the sunset as the perfect champion: The picture of perfection.
However, this weekend Manning's name was brought about as part of a Title IX lawsuit against the University of T…
Peyton Manning Allegations
Peyton Manning has had some kind of year. From injuries, to HGH allegations, to rumors of retirement, and an eventual Super Bowl 50 championship with the Denver Broncos, its been a roller-coaster ride for the legendary NFL quarterback. On Saturday, that roller-coaster plunged again...
Peyton Manning Talks About Eli’s Expression [VIDEO]
When the Denver Broncos extended their lead over the Carolina Panthers with a late 4th quarter touchdown in Super Bowl 50 many people noticed Eli Manning looked at best puzzled. Big brother Peyton went on "The Tonight Show" and said it's not the first time he felt Eli mad…
Broncos Trample Panthers In Super Bowl 50
The Denver Broncos, led by their dominating defense defeated the Carolina Panthers 24-10 in Super Bowl 50.
As the old saying goes, "defense wins championships," and they sure did last night. Denver's defense stifled the Carolina Panthers high powered offense the entire game...
SB50 Advantage: WR
The wide receiver position is going to play a major role in Super Bowl 50. With both defenses performing very well, the ability for receivers to get open becomes even more important.
This one is rather easy. The Denver Broncos have the clear advantage when it comes to wide receivers...

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