US Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte literally whizzed away Millions of dollars and fan support after acting like a total fool in Brazil during last year's Olympics. Not only did Lochte urinate on and vandalize a gas station bathroom in Brazil, he also lied about it and pretended he was the victim of a mugging. His actions lead to an international incident. His fellow swimmers were escorted off a plane bound for the US and detained until the truth was fully revealed and Lochte is still the butt of many jokes and not welcome in Brazil.

All that being said, i laughed out loud at his new "Power Bar" commercial.


By so clearly making fun of himself(even though he is clearly cashing in) can Ryan Lochte reinvent himself and gain back public trust? I always felt it wasn't really the acts of vandalism we all found unforgivable, it was the lying and making issues that already existed with Brazil far worse. If that's the case is this commercial enough of an apology for you, A good beginning or nothing he can do to win you back after he embarrassed the US?


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