Michael Phelps doesn't medal in the 400 individual. Italy wins the Archery Gold on the last arrow. The US Womans Basketball team scores 11 points in the 1st quater vs an outnatched opponent. All these things are strnage but not as strange as some of the stuff away from the games that we enjoy watching.

For example- the occupy protesters couldn't pass up an opportunity to make a public spectacle of themselves, even donning bikes to protest some of the cycling events. I guess bike maker Schwinn is now considered an evil corporation.

The country of India is perplexed how an unknown woman, not an athlete, was reportedly able to march with their athletic contingent at the opening ceremony on Friday night. The woman was identified as Madhura  Nagendra, a londoner who participated in the opening ceremony then decided to join the Indian squad. Despite this stranger getting access the Brits say the games are safe.

On the American front-after winning the 400 meter individual and getting Gold, American swimmer Ryan Lochte was told his medal would be revoked if he wore his intended  red, white and blue grill he intended to wear to honor ancient Olympians who would wear it over their teeth. The IOC told Lochte to choose, the grill or the Gold.

U.S Womans Soccer player Abby Wambach claims she was sucker punched by Columbian opponent by the name of Lady Andrade. The "lady" claims it was accidental as both were driving to the net during the 39th minute of play in the USA's 3-0 shutout of the Columbians. This was the 2nd controversy of the day involving the US womans soccer team. Hope Solo, the current American netminder took some shots at retired American player Brandi Chastain who was a bit critical of the American team even though they beat France in the opening match 4-2.

All in a day's fun of the 30th Olympiad in London!

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