Earlier today a listener named William Fish asked a question I normally hate, "Does this guy look like Levack?" Actually his exact question was "Does anyone else see the Jeff Levack/Freddie Kitchens resemblance or is it just me?" The reason I hate this is basically I get compared to any heavy guy that wears a hat and a hoodie but this time in the Tweet he shared, I have to admit I might actually see what he's saying.

So Goz and I tried to recreate the Kitchens' photo best we could. My actual wardrobe wasn't far off from what Coach Kitchens was wearing but sadly there was no football in the office so I improvised with my Yankees piggy bank.

The Levack Collection
The Levack Collection

So what do you think? Am I "twinning" with Kitchens? Should I dress as him when the Jets host the Browns this year at Metlife?

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