I, for one, truly enjoy speculating that my favorite team will land the best player available each and every opportunity, but this Kevin Durant to the New York Knicks story might be getting out of control. I can totally see a scenario where KD walks away from the Golden State Warriors and signs with the Knicks but I'm not 100% convinced it'll happen.

Insiders, experts and reporters have joined fans in speculating that Durant will be a Knick next season. It's gone so far that the Knicks' odds of winning the NBA Finals have gone WAY UP. The Knicks are currently 16-1 to win it all per The SuperBook at Westgate Las Vegas. New York is behind only the Milwaukee Bucks (9-2), Boston Celtics (7-1) and Philadelphia 76ers (10-1) in the Eastern Conference.

The case for Durant becoming a Knick is the thought of building his own championship team with the likes of Kyrie Irving and rookie Zion Williamson. The case against is Durant can go wherever he wants including staying put with the Warriors. I want this to be true as much if not more than most but imagine the let down if KD decides to play anywhere else. It would be devastating to Knicks' fans EVERYWHERE.

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