The Buffalo Bills staff are currently in Indianapolis for the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine. It will take place through the weekend and feature the top prospects being tested on and off the field.

One of the biggest aspects of the NFL Combine is meeting face to face with prospects. This allows teams to get to know players as people, as well as football knowledge. Both general manager Brandon Beane and head coach Sean McDermott place significant importance on it.

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Beane talked with media on Tuesday and talked about the salary cap, this class of prospects, as well as the time when the Bills made multiple trades to move up to select quarterback Josh Allen.

Beane's quote was honest and real.

"We got criticized for how much we gave up for Josh, and I'm like, well if he doesn't work out I'm not gonna be here anyway...and if he does work out, nobody's gonna give a sh*t," said Beane.

That's very accurate but you don't hear that blunt honesty much from GM's or coaches. Beane is right. If Allen didn't pan out, he would not be the GM of the Bills right now. But because Allen turned into one of the top two or three quarterbacks in the league, nobody cares what the Bills gave up and I'm sure most fans couldn't even tell you what they had to give up.

You find a Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson or Joe Burrow, nobody will care how much it cost to get them. End of story.

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