The United States of America calls the drink a 'cocktail' because of this Western New York woman.

Who knew? Where was the cocktail invented? Why is it named the cocktail? We have you covered.

In 1813 Lewiston, New York burned down to the ground when the British invaded, but for whatever reason there was a restaurant that Catherine Hustler made up drinks at. Twelve people died in the attack. For whatever reason, the British didn't completely burn down the restaurant.

When celebrating, Catherine used the feather of a cockerel, the male fowl bird in order to make gin drinks. The rest is history.

The restaurant Hustler's has a sign outside of the restaurant that marks the importance and history of the drink and you can see that below. By the way: really good food at Hustler's, which is located at 800 Center St, Lewiston, NY 14092.

The story goes that the American soldiers had raided a British commissary and brought Catherine some fowl which she roasted for the feast. She decorated all the bottles and jars in the tavern with tail feathers. One guest called for a glass of the cocktail, and hence, the name was born", according to Hustler's website.

The same owners of Hustler's also own Flip Burger across the street and Tito's Tavern. next time you go up to Lewiston for a concert or go to the wine festival or Peach Fest, you'll have a fast fact that you can share. Although, there are different accounts of where the cocktail was invented, we are going to let Lewiston take the credit on this one.

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