Let the road trip season begin! If you have kids in school or you are in college, there is a good chance you are ready for a break! Spring break is taking place across the country and if you are going to hit the road this spring or summer, beware of a certain danger.

Spring break seems to have gotten even more popular these days. Perhaps the COVID-19 pandemic taught us all to enjoy certain things even more and take advantage of the time we have. Airports across the country are busier than ever! In fact, Tampa Airport in Florida had a record amount of passengers pass through the gates this week.

Transportation Safety Administration data indicates that more than 90,000 passengers passed through TPA on Sunday, March 19. That’s a new record for a single day of travelers at TPA.

But for those who choose a car. van or truck to travel from home to beach, there is one danger that has many chatting online. Will there be a new law pertaining to passenger safety?

In a recent post on Reddit, people were sharing stories about accidents in which legs were injured. In some cases the injuries were so severe that the passengers lost a leg or foot.

Woman (Passenger) was asleep and had her feet on the dash. When the crash happened, her feet hit the windshield with such force that it caused a compound fracture type thing, leg broke, bone sticking out

There are some who try to do this WHILE THEY DRIVE! There won't likely be a specific law about feet. However, there are laws about distracted driving and an officer or trooper may see your legs and feet qualify as distracting to the driver.

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