It was a less than typical weekend for police as there were reports of horses running loose on Interstate 90 in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

The weather to start the week is going to feel more like the start of May, rather than the start of March. The forecast calls for the temperatures on Monday to be in the upper 60's! It seems that everything that moves has spring fever, including this pair of horses.

Thankfully, the horses were captured. According to reports, the local mounted law enforcement was able to wrangle the horses.

If you love horse racing, the action has returned to the Western New York area with the opening of Buffalo Raceway in Hamburg, New York. This past weekend was the first of the season and the racing continues until August when the Erie County Fair returns.

There is a new Tim Horton's and gas station opening just around the corner from the raceway.

New Tim Horton's In Boston/Hamburg

Gallery Credit: Clay Moden

WNY Deer Hunting Paradise For Sale

Gallery Credit: Clay Moden

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