The Buffalo Sabres are celebrating a key player’s big milestone, and they phoned a friend to help with the tribute. 

Jeff Skinner has been part of the NHL for several years. Before joining the Sabres, he was part of the Carolina Hurricanes for 8 seasons. In 2018, he was traded to the Sabres, and he has been a big part of the Buffalo family ever since. 

Since Skinner has been part of the league for such a long time, he is one of the few players to reach the achievement of playing in 1,000 games, and that will happen on Tuesday, April 2nd. 


It’s a big day for the Sabres too, with planned celebrations for Dyngus Day on Tuesday, so hopefully the team is able to pull off the win against the Washington Capitals. 

For Skinner, though, the Sabres reached out to one actress who happens to play a big role in a television show that Skinner is a dedicated fan. 

Famous actress Lily Collins, who stars in the tv show “Emily In Paris,” recorded a video message for Jeff Skinner ahead of his 1,000th NHL game on Tuesday. 

The Sabres shared the video on X

“I wanted to send you a congratulatory video for your 1,000th game in the NHL,” Collins said. “I’ve never played one game, let alone a thousand, so props to you for that.” 

As a result, many people are calling for a reaction video from Mr. “Emily In Paris” himself, but we have yet to hear how Skinner reacted to the video. 

If you want to watch Skinner’s 1000th game, tickets are still available for the April 2 game. Click here to grab your tickets for as low as $35. 

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