There are so many country stars coming to Western New York this year, and the first concert of the year happened over the weekend.

It was a memorable concert too, with three incredible country music performers: Parmalee, Tyler Hubbard, and Kane Brown.

Parmalee is a band consisting of brothers Matt Thomas and Scott Thomas, and their cousin Barry Knox and Josh McSwain (a childhood best friend). They are from Parmele, North Carolina, which is how they got their name.

Tyler Hubbard may be a name that sounds familiar. He was originally part of the duo band Florida Georgia Line, a group that was together for 12 years before going their separate ways in 2022. Hubbard is from Georgia, making him the Georgia part of the band name. Since then, Hubbard has written several solo songs and he made a point to perform all of his biggest hits, including those he had with his former band. 

The main act was Kane Brown, who was discovered on Facebook around 2014 for his impressive cover performances of well-known country songs. A few years after his initial discovery, he proposed to his now-wife Katelynn Brown, and together they created a beautiful little family with a third baby on the way!

On his recent album Different Man, Kane Brown released a duet with his wife called “Thank God.” It is one of the most beautiful love songs, and many people have included it in their wedding as the first dance song!

Two things are really cool about the song: Kane Brown and Katelynn Brown both star in the music video & she frequently makes special appearances during his shows to perform that song with him.

In Buffalo, it was no different.

The intro beat to “Thank God,” started playing, and the crowd went crazy, but it got even louder when the arena saw what Katelynn was wearing.

That’s right, your eyes do not deceive you! That is a Dylan Cozens jersey, and Katelynn is rocking the look! 

I’ve seen videos of the two of them performing this song before, but it’s very rare for them to throw support behind a hometown team. Maybe she is a bit of a Buffalo fan?

It could be possible! After all, she is from Philadelphia, which isn’t a far drive from Buffalo! :) 

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