This is legendary.

Brian Baumgartner, who is Kevin in the hit show 'The Office' was in Buffalo, New York and it seemed to be pretty surprising and random. You have to see the picture below.

Nick Stilb, who has been working at The Old Pink forever, the famous Buffalo, New York bar with the best fried bologna sandwich and famous steak sandwich. In comes walking Baumgartner who happened to be on his way to Rochester the next day to do an event with the baseball team the Rochester Red Wings. The Red Wings had an 'Office' themed night.

The surprise had The Office fans JEALOUS to say the least. It wasn't just a quick pop-in either.

According to Stilb's Facebook post:

My shift at the pink last night was one for the books. Kevin from the office came by for some drinks and steaks and I also gave him a bartending crash course as he was eager to learn and take peoples orders.
Despite him being an accountant on the office, numbers were not his strong suit. but he did help bring in the tips from his loyal fans in the house. Thanks Brian Baumgartner for the fun night. And giving our patrons a memorable night.

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