Some of these 'hidden' tunnels in Buffalo were part of the underground railroad or from prohibition and you have to see these pictures.

If there was a hidden tunnel under your house, you would be super surprised. Maybe even scared to know where it goes to, but here in the Buffalo area there are quite a few of these 'hidden tunnels'. These are pretty crazy. You have to see some of these pictures below.

Bartel Miller, a Buffalonian posted in the Facebook group, Buffalo, A Toast to the town about places where all of these very, very old tunnels in Buffalo could be found. There were quite a few people who have been arrested around town that say they have walked the tunnel to the Holding Center and they say that it is, in fact, creepy.

Where else are there some underground not-so-hidden tunnels?

  • From the "tunnel of tears" that travels from the holding center to the County court
  • old Town Casino to Buffalo City Hall and The Statler Hotel to the
  • passageway from the AM&A'S department store building across Washington street
  • the tunnels under Buffalo State College, Buffalo State Hospital, University at Buffalo north and south campus
  • tunnels under the old Rockpile
  • tunnels under homes in the old first ward
  • Michigan Avenue
  • Sherman street
  • William street
  • Jefferson Avenue
  • Elmwood Avenue
  • Delaware Avenue
  • East and West Delavan Avenue
  • Lincoln Parkway
  • Rumsey road
  • Forest
  • Niagara street
  • Broadway

Miller goes on to talk about how so many of them are unsafe, which is a great reminder for anyone who says they want to go "tunnel hunting".

Some are so old that they were a part of the underground railroad or from prohibition. If you do happen upon one do not enter it. The possibility of collapse is one danger and another is the fact that you have no clue what's down there. Or should I say what's living down there.

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