The forecast is calling for a slight warming trend in New York State next week and that is some great news as thousands have been dealing with a massive amount of snow and cold and power outages.

Crews and residents are still digging out as much as 75 inches of snow! Western New York got blasted with lake effect snow and schools were closed most of the week.

But it was a scary moment at one airport in New York State as a plane reportedly slid off the runway. Prior to take off, an American Airlines plane lost traction and sent the plane in a scary direction.

The snow is going to let up, for now. However the lakes are wide open and that leaves the potential for another round of lake effect snow.

Not only was it scary for the pilots and passengers on that plane, another situation took place that was a chilling reminder to NEVER try to pass a snowplow.

It is not too early to think spring! The summer is just over 150 days away! It will (hopefully) be here before we know it!

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