People were MAD when one of the famous quarterbacks of all time was "rude" while spending some time in Buffalo, New York. Take a look at this video below.

Dan Marino signing autographs few autographs in Buffalo, New York before the Miami and Buffalo game at Highmark Stadium last weekend. Before the Bills blowout of the Dolphins, broadcaster Dan Marino was in town a day ahead and staying in downtown Buffalo on Delaware Ave. He was on his way to go have dinner with Jim Kelly, Drew Bledsoe and other former players.

There were quite a few fans, some in Buffalo Bills jerseys, some in Miami Dolphins jerseys, trying to get an autograph from the NFL Hall of Famer while he was walking out of his hotel room. He strongly DENIES almost all of the fans, telling them that he's "not doing that". The only person that he signed something for was a young fan that was standing there holding a football for Marino to sign.

After the video was shared all over social media, people reacted. Football fans were mad calling Marino rude and out of touch. While he wasn't the nicest of all time, I fell like that it is important to note that there are so many football "fans" who get things signed and make quite a lot of money selling signed items online.

Former NFL quarterback, now broadcaster, Tony Romo also passed on a few fans waiting outside, although he does say in the video that was recorded that he already had signed for the people asking for seconds.

Check out the video of Dan Marino below.

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