Though the cold weather impacts us 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it always to get in the way during our morning commute. The car engine needs to warm up and the windshields need to thaw before we can even put the car in reverse, and once we hit the roads, a whole new group of issues present themselves.

We haven't found the solution to every one of these problems, but we've found a solution to one of them, thanks to a diligent Tik Tok user.

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Tik Tok User Presents "Upstate NY Hack" for Your Icy Windshield

Ironically enough, I was scrolling through Tik Tok on a particularly icy morning this week, when I came across a video from user Noah Hudson. My algorithm clearly knew that I needed to de-ice my car before driving to work at the radio station, and decided to offer me a solution to my problem.

Here's what Noah did for himself, and all of us:

@ndlhudson33 Upstate NY hack #fyp#frost #hack ♬ original sound - Noah Hudson

It appears as though Hudson filled a bag with slightly cold or room-temperature water, and then used it to brush off his windshield. It has the same effect as turning on your defroster, except this time around, you can control the speed at which your windshield clears up.

Heavy Snow And Frigid Temperatures Settle Over Washington DC
Winter is coming in Upstate New York / Getty Images

So, make sure you use this hack to help speed up your morning commutes during the winter months, but please, be sure not to use water that is too hot. The drastic change from extreme cold to extreme hot temperature can cause the glass to completely shatter.

That is not a life hack. That's a day-ruiner.

Here were some of our favorite comments on the video:

"*taking notes for my 2 weeks of frost and ice here in Texas*"

"me always running late: *sprays windshield wiper fluid while driving away*"

"One time in high school I was running late so I had to drive with my head out the window to see where I was going"

"All that visibility takes the adventure right out of winter driving."

At this point, I'll take any leg-up on the winter weather that I can get. It takes a lot to be able to make it through winters in Upstate New York safely, but thanks to Noah Hudson on Tik Tok, it may have just gotten a little easier.

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