The partial and total solar eclipse on April 8th is right around the corner, and New York residents are busy getting prepared. 

Even if you have your plans down as to where you’re going to watch it, what time you're going outside, and who you’ll be with, we guarantee there are at least a few things you didn’t realize you should do ahead of time. 

Here are three things you may not have thought of doing to get ready for the 2024 Great American Eclipse in New York State. 

Fill Your Tank With Gas

Filling car with gas

Rumors of gas shortages are running rampant throughout New York State. Although we really don’t think the situation will be that dire, if you plan on leaving the house to view the eclipse, you’ll want to make sure your vehicle is filled up. 

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Even if you’re not traveling far, crawling traffic jams could leave your car idling for hours, and the last thing you need is to run out of gas surrounded by hundreds of other drivers.

Refill Your Necessary Medications

Prescription medication

If you’re running low on any medications you need to take daily, or if your meds are scheduled to be refilled on Monday, be sure to get them filled sooner rather than later to avoid the headache of trying to get to the pharmacy the day of.

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If you need permission from your doctor to get your script filled early, now is the time to contact them to make it happen.

Check Your Eclipse Glasses

Eclipse glasses requirements

We can’t stress enough how important it is to watch the eclipse through proper eyewear. In order to be considered safe, your eclipse-viewing glasses need to have ISO 12312-2 printed on them (usually somewhere on the back or inside). 

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If they’re not up to standard, be sure to grab another pair from your local store. It’s worth the money to protect your precious eyes. 

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