If you think seeing a moose along the side of the road is cool wait until you see them from the air.

How many moose call New York home? New York State Department of Environmental Conservation biologists have started conducting aerial surveys in the northern tier of the Adirondacks to find out.

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Previous surveys from 2016-2019 estimated that around 700 moose resided within the Adirondack Blue Line.

The information collected from these surveys will provide insights into the long-term trajectory of New York’s moose population.

Take a trip in a helicopter with the DEC biologists to see the moose from the air.

Largest Land Mammal in New York

The moose is the largest member of the deer family and the largest land mammal in New York State. Bulls can weigh anywhere from 600 to 1,200 pounds and stand up to 6 feet tall. Cows weigh 500 to 800 pounds.

Only bulls grow antlers, beginning in March or April. The antlers, which regrow annually, may reach a width of more than 5 feet on mature bulls and are shed from November through January.

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Report Moose

If you come across a moose, give it plenty of space and observe only from a safe distance. Then report the moose sighting to the New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). The multi-year research project not only gathers information on the status of New York State's moose population, but the health of the moose, and the factors that influence moose survival and reproductive rates.

Moose on Loose Strolls New York Beach

A moose was captured wandering Port Henry beach before heading back home to the forest where she belonged. An employee preparing to open the gates captured the majestic animal early one morning.

Gallery Credit: Credit - Polly McAdams

Fisherman Gets Up Close Look at Majestic Moose in the Adirondacks

Gallery Credit: Credit - Polly McAdams

Hiker Comes Within 5 Feet Of Adirondack Male Moose

Gallery Credit: Credit - Dave Wheeler

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