Which state in America has the noisiest neighbors? Is it New York? If so, what neighborhoods?

A new survey by Compare the Market AU has revealed the American states with the noisiest neighbors, as well as their most common noise disruptions.

As home loan experts, we wanted to figure out which areas across Australia and the USA had the noisiest neighbors, and where you should consider living if you just want some peace and quiet. To this end, we surveyed more than 1,000 people across these two nations."

But which state has the noisiest neighbors? According to this survey, North Carolina comes in at first place with almost 3 in 10 residents mentioning how sound is super annoying. Pennsylvania and Illinois tied second place with 26% of respondents from each state noting their daily neighbor disturbances.

The state of New York has the eighth most disruptive neighbors, with over one in six (17%) of residents experiencing daily noise.

The most common noise nuisances in New york based on the survey are:

Barking dogs (46%)

Loud music or parties (46%)

Construction or home improvement noise (31%)

Children running, screaming or jumping (29%)

Yelling (25%)

Also the survey found that 33% of people said the most noise is in the evening. 67% haven’t confronted the neighbors about it, but 17% have complained to local authorities.

Other common neighbourly noises include yard work (36%), children running around and screaming (27%), and the typical sounds that come with construction or home improvement work (23%)."

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