The "strangest food in New York" is among some of the weirdest food in America. Honestly though, it sounds like an amazing idea to us. What is it?

24/7 Tempo created a list of the strangest food in each state. The logic, America is a pretty weird place:

Despite the unstoppable expansion of homogenous fast-food places across the land, every region, every state, probably almost every town and city has its own way of cooking and combining foods and discovering things to eat that other places disdain or ignore."

Here's what they selected for New York State- Vinnie’s Pizza Box Pizza:

You can put spaghetti on your pizza if you want to, like at Angelo’s in Illinois (see above) — but why introduced pasta into the equation? Why not just pile pizza on — or rather into — pizza. The specialty at Vinnie’s in Brooklyn is the Pizza Box Pizza, a small pepperoni pizza enclosed in a larger one that’s folded over to form a box.

Vinnie's is well known for their creative cuisine using classic style and ingredients. So here's a little more info on the pizza box and how it's built from Delish:

First, the base or bottom of the box is made. It’s a Sicilian dough covered in a zesty marinara sauce. Next comes Parmesan, mozzarella, and oregano. Next is the pizza that’s packed into the box. It's a classic pepperoni pizza. Last is the lid. There’s no sauce on this one because it’s basically a giant garlic bread that’s closed over the pizza.

Here's a mini one:

Vinnie's Pizzeria
Vinnie's Pizzeria

It's Pretty Funny Though

With dishes like upside down pizza, tomato pie, turkey joints, spaghetti parmesan of Buffalo, it's funny a pizza box made out of pizza was selected.

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