Yet again New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers is in the headlines and the tone around it is not very good or positive.  Rodgers was not at mandatory mini camps for an undisclosed reason and the Jets fan base was panicking.  Everything will be fine as he was seen on the practice field during OTA's.  The preseason and offseason does not matter in the slightest regarding Aaron Rodgers.  He is 40 years old and you just need him healthy this season in order for the Jets to break their very long playoff drought.  Below is my quick take on this as seen in The Times Union:

New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers missing mandatory minicamp is a bad look but it's not the end of the world and will mean nothing when training camp begins at the end of the July. Rodgers has attended volunteer minicamps this preseason and most importantly his teammates know he's all bought in to having a big season. Why he chose the week of minicamp to take a vacation is anyone's guess but it's Aaron Rodgers and he can get away with doing it.

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New York Jets Training Camp
Aaron Rodgers was among the Capital Region's top Google searches in 2023 / Getty Images

It is incredible how overblown the New York media is regarding these stories.  Something that is so minor is covered way too much.  Rodgers will be back with the team very soon and then nobody will have to worry.  They are a playoff team with Rodgers at quarterback he just needs to stay healthy.

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