Central New Yorkers are in for major treat this weekend when a thunderstorm mixes with snowy weather conditions.

The Current Forecast

The National Weather Service is tracking a low-pressure system that could produce hazardous conditions on Sunday. The NWS issued a Hazardous Weather Outlook ahead of the stormy event.

Periods of rain, heavy at times Sunday and Sunday evening may result in localized poor drainage and urban flooding.

Gusty winds of 30-40 mph Sunday night and Monday may knock down a few trees and wires.

Rain Sunday night is likely to change to a period of snow with some accumulation. Accumulating snow may lead to slick and hazardous travel conditions for the Monday morning commute.

Thunderstorms are likely on Sunday and that weather is expected to last through the evening. Unfortunately, that's not great news for our hunter friends who are trying to squeeze out the last drops of the deer hunting season before it ends.

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On the bright side, the stormy conditions coincide with the forecasted changeover to all snow during the overnight hours - thus increasing our chances of seeing the ultra-rare weather phenomenon of thundersnow.

What Is Thunder Snow?

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) says thundersnow is an extremely uncommon winter event because thunderstorms are less likely to form in the colder months.

Thunderstorms draw their energy from warm and moist conditions, so they tend to be more common in the spring and summertime when the earth's surface is warmer due to more sunshine.

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But they can form in the winter months but only under the right conditions.

Said NOAA:

Although thunderstorms are less common in the winter, sometimes lightning can occur within snowstorms and is called thundersnow. Thundersnow can be found where there is relatively strong instability and abundant moisture above the surface, such as above a warm front. Thundersnow is sometimes observed downstream of the Great Salt Lake and the Great Lakes during lake-effect snowstorms too.

Also, you know the term "white lightning"? NOAA says its actually a colloquial term for thunderstorms coinciding with snow.

And, if you're in the mood for learning more snow-related facts, 13 inches of snow equals one inch of rain, on average.

Predicted Snowfall Amounts This Weekend

At the moment, it seems the warm weather predicted for this weekend will help offset larger snowfall amounts. The current forecast is calling for minimal accumulation and it may be due to the promised 50+ degree weather on both Saturday and Sunday.

Credit - Kajetan Sumila via Facebook
Credit - Kajetan Sumila via Facebook

The ground has yet to freeze and the early-spring-like weather could warm it up to the point snow won't really stick.

However, some areas could see a some snowfall amounts depending on their elevations and proximity to the Great Lakes.

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Snowy conditions will stick around through the first half on Monday, and the NWS is warning the commute into work or school could be brutal. While the snow might not stick to the ground, it will still wet the roads and the water can turn to ice once the mercury dips below freezing Sunday night.

Aside from the possible icy roads, the strong gusts of winds could create blowing snow - especially around 8 in the morning.

Motorists are encouraged to prepare for potentially hazardous driving conditions Monday morning. Give yourself plenty of time, slow your speeds, and create additional following space if there's a driver in front of you.

Of course, we will have our list of school delays and cancellations handy, so keep checking this LINK for up to date announcements.

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