The New York Knicks dug themselves a massive hole on Tuesday night by losing to the Philadelphia 76ers.  They had the game won late but blew it by allowing Sixers star Tyrese Maxey to score seven points in the final thirty seconds.  I'm not sure why Mitchell Robinson fouled Maxey and it ended up leading to a four point play.  Then to make matters worse they did not foul Maxey in the closing seconds which allowed him to hit a logo three.  That ultimately falls on the head coach Tom Thibodeau as he has to be better down the stretch.  The Knicks had a strong chance to close out and wrap up the series, and now they have left the door open for Philly.

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Jalen Brunson has been tremendous and was the MVP of the Eastern Conference during the regular season.  Now the Knicks are going to need him to step up big time down the stretch here and try and steal one on the road Thursday night.  His supporting cast of teammates will need to step up big as well.  I do still think the Knicks will win in six games like I originally predicted, but it will be an uphill climb and battle for sure.

The Knicks have the talent on their roster to make the Eastern Conference Finals but Philly has proven to be a tough and formidable opponent.  You have to be careful letting your bitter rival hang around as they might be able to come back and win this series after being down three games to one.

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