Do you ever see something someone made and you're just in awe of it? Then you find out how it was made and you're even more flabbergasted? That's how the painting of Jared Goff this TikToker created has left me feeling.

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Tiktoker Sam Woj's Backstory

Before I show the actual painting, it is important to set the stage for how incredible this painting is. Sam Woj is an artist from Canada who has been finding viral success as of late for the incredible paintings she is making using a football as her "brush". Using an unconventional item like a football to paint is impressive enough, but what makes this feat even more remarkable is that Sam only has two fingers on each hand.


Woman using only a football paints Jared Goff
Samantha Woj using only a football to paint Jared Goff / From Tiktok


She was born with a rare genetic disorder called Ectrodactyly, which is a condition "characterized by the absence of certain fingers and toes that suggest a claw-like appearance and webbing of fingers and toes may also be present." Her condition resulted in her only having two fingers on each hand. However, she has not let this slow her down. She channeled her love for sports into making art that is made with the equipment used in the sport.



Her work was recently featured on Travis and Jason Kelce's Podcast, and she has also partnered with big names like the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Special Olympics and raised thousands of dollars for charity. If you would like to learn more about her or see more of her pieces, you can visit her website here, otherwise, let's see what she made for Jared Goff.


The Football Painting

Painting of Jared Goff made by Samantha Woj
Painting of Jared Goff made by Samantha Woj / From TikTok


Sam posted a timelapse of the entire painting on her TikTok channel, and you can view it below.



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