New York State Police recently announced they were increasing patrols during April, as a part of their Operation Hang Up program. The initiative looks to ticket drivers using their cellphones, or not paying attention while on the roads and highways, in an effort to cut back on crashes caused by distracted driving.

But while authorities may be paying closer attention to distracted drivers, they're also always looking for those who may be impaired. One New York state woman allegedly was caught operating a vehicle nearly four times over the state's BAC limit.

Officials say the incident occurred in the evening on one of the state's main routes.

Police Say New York State Woman Busted Driving Nearly Four Times Over Limit 

New York State Police said in a press release that troopers in Saratoga responded to the reports of an erratic driver in the area of State Route 67 in Malta.

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State Police said they patrolled the area and located a vehicle matching the caller’s description on Route 9. Authorities pulled over the vehicle and identified the driver as a 45-year-old woman from Mechanicville.

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State Police said the suspect was arrested for driving while intoxicated and other traffic violations. She was then transported for processing, where she recorded a 0.30% BAC, which is 3.7 times over New York state's BAC limit of 0.08%.

The suspect was issued tickets returnable to the town court and was released to a sober third party.

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